“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but rather we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” (Teilhard de Chardin)

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Are you really a Roman Catholic priest? Yes. Canon 290 in Church law states “After it has been validly received, sacred ordination never becomes invalid”.
  2. Are the sacraments you perform/officiate valid? If by valid we mean legally valid, yes, they are valid. However, they are not recognized by the Catholic Church since I do not have permission or license from the bishop. This means I cannot register your marriage/baptism with the local parish. Rather, these are registered with CITI Ministries, Inc.
  3. What is the fee/cost of your services for weddings? Since I look on this service as ministry, I have no direct fee/cost, which for marriage is usually$300-350. I do not know your financial situation. Whatever donation you make will help defer the cost of preparation, travel, etc. and also promote this ministry. The principal focal point is the sacrament itself which should not be compromised.
  4. What instructions do we have to attend? I do not require any set program of instructions. You are adults and can read the literature. For marriage, I encourage the couple to meet with me several times to review the key issues in a marriage journey. I am available any time during the weekday from 9 am-9pm, and on Saturday mornings. These sessions are 1- 1.5 hr. at my residence (107 W. 55th ST., Downers Grove, IL, 60515).
  5. Can we design our own ceremony, vows, readings, etc.? Yes, to a certain extent. I have material below with suggestions and samples of such. I encourage the couple to concentrate on a sacred presentation and ceremony, using their own or traditional vows and incorporating any customs, options (unity candle, sand ceremony, butterfly release, etc.). If there is a blended family situation, I encourage that the children be incorporated into the ceremony, depending on their age.
  6. Can we meet with you prior to making a commitment? By all means, and bring those of your family who may have questions regarding priesthood, sacrament, marriage, etc. No question is too insignificant. Just call or email for an appointment.
  7. Do you issue any certificate/document for marriage? Yes, besides authorizing and signing the marriage license, I issue a certificate that states your marriage by a Roman Catholic priest.